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365 days I've wanted Beth beneath me, begging for release. One long, angst-filled year we've circled each other, keeping things strictly professional.
But I've also got shit in my past that complicates relationships. And I should know better than to hope secrets can stay buried.

A year? Try ten. A decade ago, I let Lachlan walk away because deep down, I knew he needed something else.
As soon as I laid eyes on her, I understood what I was up against: he loves Beth. Looks at her in a way he'd never look at me.
I get it.
Curvy, smart, and bossy? I just might love her, too.

Two men. Two first dates.
Two first kisses...
But this doesn't feel like a love triangle.
Oh no. It's much more complicated than that. I'm not complaining. I'm game for anything. I just have one rule: we don't tell anyone.

* Warning: there are no limits to these Mounties' willingness to please
* Never underestimate the strength of a woman
* Sometimes the past can come back and bite you...if you're lucky
* Top-secret clearance means three doesn't need to be a crowd


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Dominant Cord Trio: Books 1-3


Page of Swords


Power Exchange (Fetwrk Book 1)


Tainted Shadow (Tainted Pearl Book 1)


Mr. Hat Trick


One Gold Knot (Dominant Cord Book 2)


Agent of Denial (Power Brokers Book 2)


One Gold Triquetra (Dominant Cord Book 3)


Blacklist Hookup (Fetwrk Book 2)


Full Circle (Fetwrk Book 5)