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First Dates Second Chances

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First Dates Second Chances
The Complete Fetwrk Collection

Fetwrk is a hook-up app for the debauched and kinky
More whips and chains than hearts and flowers

Power Exchange

Want hook up with a kinky fellow celebrity near you?
There needs to be an app for that.

I have a quiet reputation for fixing the most sordid and tawdry of situations. Preventing them in the first place? For that, I'm going to need a little help. But what Stuart wants in return...

Blacklist Hookup

Looking to hook up with a kinky fellow celebrity near you when nobody--literally nobody--can know you're the opposite of vanilla?
There's an app for that.

Quietly warn a fellow actress not to be alone with a certain producer and… BOOM. I'm dumped from Hollywood's A-list to everyone's blacklist in the blink of an upload. So when I accidentally swipe right on my ex, who is still very much a hot commodity in this town, I'm not about to tank his career along with mine. But Eli has questions, and I just might like the way he plans to wring the answers out of me.

Unfriendly Relations

Looking to hook up with a kinky fellow aristocrat near you?
There's an app for that.

I'd imagined my wedding day countless times as a young girl, complete with Prince Charming.
True, there is a prince. But charming? Not even close.

Daddy Issues

Looking for a kinky celebrity to call you Daddy?
There's an app for that.

The Hollywood rumor mill has a lot to say about Lis Green. So when she matches with me, looking for a particular kind of Dom, I have…misgivings.
But despite her reputation, she seems content to play on my terms, where I take care of her soft, sweet, innocent needs (in a very grown-up between consenting adults kind of way).
The thing is, if our secret hookups get discovered, those same rumours could torch my career. Can (Dare?) I risk it all and take a chance on love?

Full Circle

Looking for a kinky celebrity rebound hookup?
There's an app for that...but it shouldn't match me with my ex, right?

Maddison Sinclair and I are done. Our on-again, off-again relationship is so over, I wrote a hit song to prove it. Then I turn to the hottest app in Hollywood only to be matched with the artist who drives me crazy. Maybe we need one more try to figure out what we kept missing.

CW: This story contains a detailed recollection of childhood trauma.


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One Gold Triquetra (Dominant Cord Book 3)


Power Exchange (Fetwrk Book 1)


Page of Swords


Dominant Cord Trio: Books 1-3


Dr. Bad Boy


One Gold Heart (Dominant Cord Book 1)


Full Mountie


Blacklist Hookup (Fetwrk Book 2) - Audiobook


Mr. Hat Trick


Prime MInister